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Dateless Day Planner: 1 2 3 MUST DO System

Dateless Day Planner: 1 2 3 MUST DO System

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Chuck the dozens of planners you've bought that were NOT built for you!
This digital download is a dateless day planner to eliminate guilt & increase joy!

Perfect for those with ADHD and other scatter-brained geniuses wanting to simplify life, reduce distraction, and stop forgetting the important tasks. Get your top three done each day AND have time for all those new shiny ideas. Includes:

• day of the week check-off
• morning routine/meal/water trackers to make sure you stay hydrated and fed
• your top-3 must-do tasks
• break check-offs to make sure you stay engaged and fresh
• extra notes and next steps section for bonus time
• section to track the top-3 tasks for tomorrow
• section just for ideas for later (that can sometimes distract the more dopamine-deficient)
• system for using remind bracelets to physicalize your tasks ON YOU

• 100-page Printed versions of this dateless daily planner.
Complimentary bracelet set also available to help you physically remind yourself how close you are to accomplishing your must-do's so you can go enjoy life!

Created by an entrepreneur with ADHD, and parent of a child with ADHD who couldn't find a planner that was right. After years of buying planners, just to "fail" at using them to stay on top of things, she built one for herself to not only plan her day, but so much more!

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