Artist Bio

Eye Dig You by Rose Jubb © 2023Whether it’s a potato with human eyes or adding aluminum balloons to a classic painting, PNW artist Rose Jubb immerses her audience in color, surreal humor, and nature. Born in Galveston, Texas on July 9th, 1984, but raised in small town Minnesota, Rose grew up on a hobby farm surrounded by animals.
Like every elder millennial, Rose was convinced she would someday be a veterinarian or a marine biologist. So she set out to draw every animal she came across.
photo of Rose Jubb by Jess Clark


After drawing everything around her, she dove into the drawing every animal in the National Digest Guide to North American Wildlife. It was this love of animals that helped her hone her realistic drawing and then painting skills.

After attending Alexandria Technical College for a degree in Communication Art and Design, Rose worked as a graphic designer and even a wardrobe stylist for many years, all while painting and drawing in her off time. She gathered inspiration from falling in love, living abroad, traveling, having a child, and a struggle with ADHD and auto-immune disorder.

During a break in design work after the 2008 recession, Rose received her Masters Degree in Social Science, and has held onto an inclination towards social justice. Calling attention to innocent creatures struggling with the consequences of other’s actions. Creating work with themes that question traditional values, religion, and man’s invasive spread to the wild.

Rose’s goal in 2021 was to develop a style all her own which married realistic artistry with humor and a deep love of nature. A surreal style using watercolor, acrylics, and inks emerged, with an emphasis on reusing, recycling, and up-cycling. You may also find her extremely detailed 3D sculptural works interesting, all made of found objects in nature or thrifted items.


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