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Lux Hand-Dipped Incense 12pk

Lux Hand-Dipped Incense 12pk

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These high quality, heavily scented, but not overpowering, incense sticks are hand-dipped for 48 hours in Premium Exotic Fragrance and Essential Oils.

This incense ships in a resealable package, which ensures the incense sticks potency and long lasting scents. They are 12'' long and burn for hours! (this may vary by environment - but it's the longest lasting incense I've ever burnt!) 

Possible uses for your purchase:

  • Lavender: Promotes happiness, healing, and love. It’s also cleansing, protective, promotes sleep, and can aid in meditation.

  • Rose Promotes happiness, beauty, and love. It’s also cleansing and protective, and can help you tap into intuition.

  • Sandalwood: Promotes love and peaceful feelings. Helps in contacting spirit guides.

  • Frankencense & Myrrh Helps comfort, improves concentration, aids in visualizations, beneficial for cleansing, and increases protection. Wonderful for banishing, and used in some practices to break hexes and curses. Though to protect those who burn it from psychic attack and ill intentions.

  • Myrrh You can use this for purifying important spaces, or to bless magikal tools. Promotes relaxation, healing, calm nerves, and restful sleep. 

  • Frankencense: Helps comfort, improves concentration, aids in visualizations, and increases protection. Beneficial for cleansing rituals and a great alternative to cleansing items used in closed practices (sage and palo santo).

  • Lemongrass: Said to be a "road-opener", aiding in clarity and path clearing of the physical to experience the spiritual. Can also be helpful for cleansing and repelling negativity. Aids in finding balance, calm, love, and intuitive abilities.. 

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